Experience in Numbers

With a network of well over 200 property investors and over 1000 years combined experience in the field, PPP has a clear understanding of what it takes to succeed in property investment. The Property Investor Scorecard consists of 25 questions that provide feedback on the six key traits that are found in any successful property investor. These traits are a mixture of practical skills, as well as mental attributes. The key areas are your report will consider are:

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How confident you feel about your current investment education and experience as a property investor.


How you perceive your level of financial literacy in relation to property investment.


How you currently feel about your ability to prioritise and manage your time.



How determined you feel to achieve success and overcome obstacles and setbacks.


How you approach goal setting and your long term strategy to achieve them.


How you perceive investment risk and investment related debt.

Your report will enable you to check for blind spots and weaknesses in your current approach to property investment and steps you can take to achieve success.

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